We are a fusion of creative and content . . .
real world and cyberspace . . .
Midwestern wit and Southern hospitality . . .
graphic design and, well, computer geek.

A marketing, interactive, public relations and communication firm that operates at the intersection of social and search to build online and off line relationships, our team of 16 creates relevant marketing and communications that reach audiences with focused messages. Your potential customers will receive attention-getting messages through traditional and interactive marketing including social media, public relations and an optimized web presence. Regular analysis will help you see what’s performing best. When all the parts work together, you’ll discover marketing that is not only effective: It’s also fun.

Our case studies and client successes speak for themselves. When you are ready to increase your Web site traffic by 50 – 200 percent, contact us.

With offices in Atlanta and Chicago, we can connect your company with buyers and build relevant relationships anywhere. Contact us via email or call 770-383-3360 or 847-259-7312.

Our Mission

Effectively syndicating well written, targeted content, we create relevant, measurable campaigns with proven Return on Investment.

Our Vision

By combining the strength of traditional public relations with the power of the Internet, Marketing RELEVANCE is breaking the mold of traditional advertising. The benefits of this interactive approach are:

• Studies prove that more than 90 percent of all buyers do their research on the Internet. By optimizing your brand to rank high on search engines results pages (SERPs), you will increase the number of potential buyers and drive sales.

• You will know who is visiting your website, how they’re getting there, how long they’re staying and more. When used correctly, tracking helps you determine the effectiveness of each element of your marketing budget so you put your money where it works.

• You appear in traditional media as a credible story, not as an advertisement. Potential buyers see positive editorial coverage as a third-party endorsement, and this coverage is more valuable than paid ads.

• A diverse team stands beside you to discover opportunities and build relevant relationships with potential buyers and the community.