EVERY Tweet is Now Searchable


Twitter is now searchableTwitter recently rocked the social media stratosphere by announcing that now, for the first time ever, all tweets posted since its launch in 2006, over half a trillion of them, are searchable for users. In the past, Twitter limited search results to recent activity only, emphasizing subjects with high engagement statistics, though other third-party services previously offered searchable archives of tweets.

So what does this move mean for users? For the first time ever, they will be able to recover their own or other users’ entire tweet histories, including full conversations on specific subjects over a prolonged timeframe—reactions to each new Harry Potter movie or to past news events for example. Announced on the Twitter Engineering blog, the move could have an incredible impact in tracking trending topics and fluctuations in sentiment. While largely great news, some users now may worry about old tweets they’d, for whatever reason, prefer never saw the light of day again. Fear not, Twitter and other services offer users protocols for deleting, permanently and easily, any of their past tweets they’d rather not revisit, even multiple tweets on a specific subject.

For step by step instructions on removing past tweets, and other potential impacts this move by Twitter could have, check out this MediaPost.com article announcing the big change.

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