Effective Pinterest Campaigning


Pin-N-WinmRELEVANCE recently developed an interactive Pinterest campaign for one of our clients, Keystone Custom Homes. The Pin-N-Win Sweepstakes was a huge success with 128 entries, 292 followers on the Pin-N-Win Board and 209 new overall followers to the Keystone Custom Homes Pinterest page.

It is no surprise that the contest was successful. The most popular boards on Pinterest are one that focus on home décor and design (see Repinly for more stats). mRELEVANCE helped Keystone Custom Homes reach out to this audience. Throughout the month of June, participants created Pinterest boards with what they envisioned their Keystone dream home to look like. They had the chance to win a $500 Pottery Barn gift certificate, and the campaign stimulated lots of sharing and online interaction.

Pinterest, one of the most influential up and coming social media networks, has continuously grown since its creation in April 2011. Since then, the site has gained a network of over 25 million users, an increase of 2,702.2 percent. This growth makes Pinterest the third most trafficked social network in the U.S.

Furthermore, according to Econsultancy, Pinterest has gone from being the social network of choice to an essential marketing tool. In fact, “43 percent of Pinterest members agree that they use Pinterest to associate with retailers or brands with which they identify, compared to just 24 percent of Facebook users who agree to the same use with Facebook.” With such an active community, Pinterest is perfect for promoting brands with eye-catching photos and engaging with interactive campaigns.

Interactive marketing campaigns, such as this one, are a useful tool in today’s market. These economical campaigns are an effective way of getting closer to your customers and maintaining an edge on the competition.

We believe that the Pin-N-Win Sweepstakes is the perfect example of a company utilizing social media for branding and engagement.

For more information about utilizing Pinterest in your marketing strategy, click here to view a list of questions and answers from the (P)incredible Pinterest: Using Pinterest to Market Homes webinar presented by Carol Morgan and hosted by NAHB’s BuilderBooks.

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