Experience a Fast-Paced and Engaging Internship at mRELEVANCE


Lauren Bovard

From Lauren Bovard:

I couldn’t have done better than mRELEVANCE for my first internship at a public relations and marketing agency. The combination of the real-world work and the amazingly supportive staff has given me so much new confidence in my ability to work and thrive in the marketing, communications and public relations fields. While I’m sad that my time here is now over, I know that I’ll carry what I’ve learned with me into my last semester at UGA and beyond!

From the very beginning of the summer (and from the interview even!), the mRELEVANCE staff was welcoming and extremely supportive, working hard, laughing hard and loving what they do while teaching me to do the same. Yes, being an intern sometimes makes you a little uncertain of where you stand in an office setting, but the cheerful team at mRELEVANCE’s Atlanta office made it clear from day one that I was one of them.

I absolutely loved the work I did for the agency this summer. From press releases and researching client’s blog posts to detailed social media calendars, everything I did had real-world meaning and significance. I must admit that the first time I saw one of my client posts published online and saw all the likes, shares and retweets that it got, I couldn’t stop grinning for about two hours!

Now, on my last day at mRELEVANCE, I can see clearly how my public relations and marketing skills have developed and grown over the summer. I’m more confident in my ability to create interesting and relevant social media calendars for many different types of organizations, and the experience of writing dozens of news releases and blog posts for a wide range of clients – from real estate giants and insurance companies to international non-profits – has given my writing more fluidity and better organization than it has ever had before.

What I’ve learned about agency work is that you’ll be doing something different each day. It’s not the same client day in and day out, and even your work with the same client won’t always be the same. That’s the beauty of an internship at mRELEVANCE: It’s fast-paced, diverse and constantly engaging.

So, of course, with all that said, I definitely highly recommend the mRELEVANCE communications internship! Not only will your portfolio grow exponentially after only the first few weeks, but you will leave with a world of professional skills in your arsenal for the future. Additionally, you will leave having worked with a truly fantastic team of welcoming communications professionals!

That Atlanta office is looking for fall interns. For more details, click here.

*Lauren Bovard is a fifth year student at the University of Georgia majoring in public relations at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications. She plans to graduate in December and work in the Atlanta area as a public relations and marketing professional.