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  1. Adjusting Your Website for Google’s “How To” Quality Update

    Although Google denies any algorithm changes, there was most certainly a change in rankings that affected many websites recently. The so-called “Quality Update” was not categorized by Google as a Panda or Penguin update, but it was an update nonetheless. Also known as the “Phantom Update,” Google rolled out new rules that change the way it assesses quality website content. Specifically, this update is said to have targeted “How To” content in an effort to wipe out sites with lack-luster… Read More

  2. Game Changing Google Update Will Kill Your Search Rank

    April 21, 2015 is a day some of us will remember for all the wrong reasons. This marks the day that Google will start factoring mobile responsiveness into its allusive search engine algorithm. So, what does that mean exactly? On April 21, if your website is not built to be mobile friendly to devices such as cell phones, iPads and tablets, your site will disappear from Google’s organic search results on those devices. Your site will need to be fully… Read More

  3. Google’s New Algorithm Update: Hummingbird – A Game Changer?

    Google’s newest algorithm update, nicknamed “Hummingbird,” sent shockwaves through the SEO (search engine optimization) world after it was first announced on September 26, 2013. According to Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search, the new Hummingbird update “affected about 90 percent of global searches.” Compare this to the earlier algorithm updates which only affected about 10 percent of searches. It is safe to say this update was huge. More likely than not, Hummingbird affected your website’s rankings or traffic.