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  1. Creative Content: Blog Post Ideas for New Home Builders

    Building your blog presence is much like building your homes and neighborhoods. Your content and message will become the foundation of your marketing program. With careful strategy and tactics, you can become a leader in the community. You can use this same methodology to build your blog and be the builder everyone is talking about, but more importantly, everyone is listening to. Buyers are searching for information to help them make a decision…why not let them hear from you? Here… Read More

  2. Sometimes You Get What You Pay For!

    Still looking for ROI from your blog and social media? If you set up a free blog, chances are you will be looking for ROI for a long, long time. The phrase, “you get what you pay for” is just as appropriate for these blogs as in all other situations. Of course, your free blog does provide you with a place to post additional content online, but without the benefits of  SEO, targeted syndication and a marketing strategy (complete with… Read More

  3. Want to ask an expert?

    Why do I need a blog? Is blogging time consuming? Where should I blog? How do you blog? If these questions sound like questions you might ask, then make sure to head over to www.bluetangerinesolutions.com on December 8th were you’ll have the opportunity to ask our experts through Blue Tangerine’s Ask the Experts webinar series. Join mRELEVANCE‘s Mitch Levinson and Carol Flammer as they walk you through the blogosphere in their class “All about Blogging.” This 30 minute webinar is… Read More