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  1. He Said. She Said. What Else is Important When Writing Posts?

    Our ongoing, “He Said. She Said” column continues. Each month we focus on answering a question about online marketing from two different perspectives. mRELEVANCE managing partners offer their respective expertise in this column.  Carol Flammer answers from the reader’s perspective, where it’s all about content. Mitch Levinson answers from the perspective of a search engine. Q: What else is important when writing posts? A: Mitch Levinson – In addition to simply using keywords in your posts and content, you need… Read More

  2. Anchors Aweigh!

    From a search engine optimization perspective, there is hardly something that peeves me more than seeing a blogger use the phrase “click here” as a live link, and, unfortunately it is quite common practice. When was the last time you typed “click here” into Google as a search phrase? Probably never, so why would you optimize your website with that keyword phrase? Let’s go over anchor text 101 and improve your blogging skills in the process. First and foremost, a… Read More