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  1. 25 Killer Ideas for Social Media Content

    Writers block? Don’t worry, it affects every content manager. But you don’t need to stress. We’ve compiled 25 awesome ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 1. QUOTES: Humorous, inspiring or motivational quotes always perform well. 2. BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS: Take candid shots of yourself, your employees, or snap a shot of your office or workspace. 3. STATISTICS OR DATA: Share new, relevant industry statistics (these perform great in terms of retweets and shares). 4. LINK TO AN OLD… Read More

  2. Simple Steps to Creating an Effective Content Calendar

    In a past Marketing RELEVANCE blog post, “Social Media 101-Blogging for Business” we talked about the important role blogs play in your social media plan.  However, blogging is only a part of the social media puzzle and needs to be a companion to your posts and tweets.  So how do you make all the various planforms look unified and present your brand cohesively?  Enter the Content Calendar. In order to use social media effectively and drive traffic to your website,… Read More

  3. Creative Content: Blog Post Ideas for New Home Builders

    Building your blog presence is much like building your homes and neighborhoods. Your content and message will become the foundation of your marketing program. With careful strategy and tactics, you can become a leader in the community. You can use this same methodology to build your blog and be the builder everyone is talking about, but more importantly, everyone is listening to. Buyers are searching for information to help them make a decision…why not let them hear from you? Here… Read More

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  5. He Said. She Said. Explain More About Inbound Links

    mRELEVANCE managing partners offer their respective expertise in this ongoing, “He Said. She Said” column. Each post in this series focuses on answering a question about online marketing from two different perspectives.. Carol Flammer answers from the reader’s perspective, where it’s all about content. Mitch Levinson answers from the perspective of a search engine. Q: Can you explain more about inbound links? A: Mitch – Inbound links are links on other people’s websites that link back to you. They drive… Read More

  6. He Said. She Said. How Much Copy Should My Blog Posts Have?

    This week on He Said. She Said. we are exploring content. Remember, each question posed will be answered from two unique perspectives. Mitch Levinson will answer from the perspective of the search engines and Carol Flammer from the perspective of site visitors. So here’s the question of the day. . . Q: How much copy should a blog post or website page have? A: Carol Flammer – A happy medium for a blog post is around 300 words.  You can… Read More

  7. Really Simple to Steal T-Shirts

    Are you tired of other people stealing your blog content? Do you find your content posted all over the Internet without your permission? Join the club! After having numerous posts copied and pasted word for word from our beloved Atlanta Real Estate Forum to other sites, we decided to create these clever shirts (Well, we think they are clever anyway, Let us know if you like them too!). The front says, “My blog posts are so good, they may contain… Read More

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  9. How to Blog Effectively

    The most important part of any blog is the content. Why? Because if what you are writing about is dry and boring, no one will read it. You have to convey an interesting and informative message that readers will care about and want to read. Even better is if your content is so captivating that it encourages readers to pass it along to their friends and family. In order to be able to write blog posts that are informative, interesting… Read More