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  1. Creative Content: Blog Post Ideas for New Home Builders

    Building your blog presence is much like building your homes and neighborhoods. Your content and message will become the foundation of your marketing program. With careful strategy and tactics, you can become a leader in the community. You can use this same methodology to build your blog and be the builder everyone is talking about, but more importantly, everyone is listening to. Buyers are searching for information to help them make a decision…why not let them hear from you? Here… Read More

  2. mRELEVANCE Launches New Acceletronics Blog

    mRELEVANCE, LLC announces the launch of the Acceletronics blog http://blog.acceletronics.com. The new blog is designed to share information both for Acceletronics, a linear accelerator supplier and service provider, and for its sister company, RadParts, which offers OEM replacement parts for radiation oncology equipment. Corporate blogs are a must-have in today’s technology driven world. The new Acceletronics blog will provide prospective clients with the latest information on the manufacturer’s products while enhancing their social media presence. Carol Morgan, managing partner with… Read More

  3. Increase Your Web Traffic the Easy Way with Google Analytics

    Have you been searching for a way to easily track your website, blog and social media traffic? Look no further than Google Analytics. This free, easy to use tool, offered by Google, allows you to filter your traffic with no hassle and is one of the best kept secrets on the web. After creating an account and looking at the information Google Analytics gives you, including graphs of daily visits, average time of visit, bounce rates and even what country… Read More

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