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  1. How to Make the Most of Your Company Blog

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about creating valuable content and providing useful information to searchers. mRELEVANCE recently discussed why it’s important for a business to have a blog on its website. A blog not only drives traffic and leads, but also helps Google understand what products and services your company has to offer. It’s not enough to simply have a blog, however. A well-optimized blog should have a few key elements to ensure that it’s driving quality traffic to… Read More

  2. Social Media 101 – Blogging for Business

    Up first in our new series, Back to the Basics: Social Media 101, we’re discussing blogging for business and why a blog should be the core of your content and social media strategy. One of the top digital marketing tools that actually delivers results, blogging is also one of the most trusted sources for accurate online information. In addition, according to HubSpot, businesses with blogs generated 67 percent more leads in 2015. If that’s not reason enough alone to start… Read More

  3. Why Should My Business Have a Blog?  

    We get asked this question all the time, “Why should my business have a blog?” So, here is the answer! A well-maintained blog or news section is incredibly important to search engine optimization (SEO). It is crucial to create quality content on an ongoing basis for many reasons. Google now understands semantics and context in search queries and in website content, which means companies have an even better opportunity to tell Google what they have to offer to customers. Writing… Read More

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  5. How To: Start Your Company’s Blog

    We’re always talking about how blogging is a crucial part of any company’s social media marketing strategy, but we’ve never really explained how your company can actually launch a self-hosted WordPress blog  and measure its effectiveness. Here are 12 quick steps to get you started: Name your blog. http://www.NameofCompanyBlog.com is a popular choice. Another option many companies choose is http://www.NameofCompanyNews.com. You can purchase your domain name from a domain reseller like http://www.GoDaddy.com, http://www.Register.com, or http://www.Domain.com. Determine hosting for your blog…. Read More

  6. How does blogging effect SEO?

    Often referred to as social media, blogs exist on every topic imaginable, and in every industry. Anyone with an Internet connection can set up their own cyber-soapbox in a few minutes — and for free on sites like Google-owned Blogger or Word Press. But the question in the minds of many business owners: What possible return on investment can my company receive from launching a blog? There are numerous reasons why it makes sense to blog for your business, whether… Read More

  7. He Said. She Said. Why is Syndication Important?

    mRELEVANCE managing partners offer their respective expertise in this ongoing, “He Said. She Said” column. Each post in this series focuses on answering a question about online marketing from two different perspectives.. Carol Flammer answers from the reader’s perspective, where it’s all about content. Mitch Levinson answers from the perspective of a search engine. Q: Why is Syndication important? And how does it help you expand your reach? A: Carol – Tick Tock. Tick Tock. You are already writing the… Read More

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  9. Who Should Write the Company Blog?

    Often people ask me, “Who should be the author of the company blog?” And like so many things in life, there is really not just one right answer. It could be someone in sales or marketing, or even the company president or CEO.  Maybe it is even all of the above.  Your corporate blog can be a team effort. One of the fun things about having a group of bloggers is that your blog will have multiple authors and multiple… Read More

  10. He Said. She Said. How Often Should I Post?

    Our ongoing, “He Said. She Said” column continues. Each post focuses on answering a question about online marketing from two different perspectives. mRELEVANCE managing partners offer their respective expertise in this column.  Carol Flammer answers from the reader’s perspective, where it’s all about content. Mitch Levinson answers from the perspective of a search engine. Q: How often should I post? A: Carol – Post regularly on your blog. Keep your readers in mind, typically two to three times a week… Read More

  11. Integrated Marketing Plan Connects Builder to Homebuyers

    mRELEVANCE, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the new Signature Homes blog, http://signaturehomesblog.com. This highly optimized blog serves as a source of information for homebuyers and real estate agents in the Bay Area and Sacramento region, and is at the core of the overall social media marketing strategy created for the Northern California builder by the mRELEVANCE team. In addition to the blog, the Signature Homes social media program includes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube components. “We worked closely… Read More

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  13. Three Reasons Why You Should Stop Spamming Blogs Now

    In your travels through the blogosphere, I’m sure you’ve seen spammy comments from some internet users. You know what they look like—blatant advertising in the form of irrelevant, impersonal comments with multiple links. They shamelessly promote people or products and want to spread as many links back to their sites as they can. Their authors probably mistakenly believe it’s an appropriate cheap substitute for working to build relevant links. Blog spammers- you know who you are- beware and keep reading!… Read More