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  1. Learn Social Marketing Strategies at the Dunwoody Business Expo

    What are you doing to market your business? You may have a website; heard something about blogging, but not exactly sure what it is; got on Facebook once to see what Farmville is all about; and recently discovered that people are “tweeting,” but can’t figure out why making bird noises would promote anything. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to enter the 21st century by attending the 2011 Dunwoody Business Expo on April 21 at the Crowne Plaza… Read More

  2. Build Business Networks with Linked In

    Struggling to figure out how to use Social Media to promote your business? Linked in is a business-oriented social networking site used to strengthen existing business relationships and form new ones. Think of it as an online resume and a Rolodex (for those Gen Ys who never had a Rolodex, it was a paper version of Outlook) rolled into one. This is an online opportunity to promote your personal resume, skills and references. And, for those of us who constantly… Read More