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  1. Follow Me – Don’t Follow Me!

    Follow me. Don’t Follow me.  Follow me. Don’t Interact with me. Follow Me. But I might not respond. Are you committing a social networking sin? Have you engaged in Facebook and Twitter, but blocked your Wall or locked your Tweets?  If so, you need to immediately either delete your accounts or unblock and unlock and here’s why! Stop sending mixed messages. I don’t want to “talk to the hand” or play red-light green-light. 1) Facebook – You joined the site… Read More

  2. 5 Reasons Builders Should Blog

    Still wondering why you should have a blog? Whether you are a home builder, small business, university, non-profit attraction, community or a development, here are the 5 reasons WHY you should have a blog. 1)     Your blog is the horsepower behind your social networking program. Building a social media program without a blog is like trying to drive a car without an engine. 2)     Search Engine Optimization. A well-built blog with an effective social media optimization program provides valuable search… Read More