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  1. Digital Marketing: Change is Constant

    The industry of digital marketing is always changing. It is always evolving and pushing forward on the edge of the marketing envelope. Most innovative companies try to keep ahead of the curve. Recently, marketing and advertising has shifted gears to be more visually driven rather than content driven. Content is still king, however the main focus is to draw in customers based on primarily what they see. An average internet user will scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram only skimming… Read More

  2. FREE Webinar The State of Digital Media: Getting the Picture

    Join mRELEVANCE managing partner Carol Morgan and SmartTouch Interactive on Tuesday, Feb. 24 at noon CST for a Free Webinar. Carol will present The State of Digital Media: Getting the Picture. If you missed this program at the International Builders Show, here’s your chance to catch it. Carol will guide you through the increasing importance of using mages in digital media, and discuss how you can position your company to take advantage of those trends through best practices. We’ll discuss… Read More

  3. Discover 2014’s Best Digital Marketing Tools at IBS

    mRELEVANCE Managing Partners and MIRMs Mitch Levinson and Carol Morgan will present “2014’s Best Digital Marketing Tools & Tactics” at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in February.  Mark your show calendars to attend this fast-paced session. During the presentation, Mitch and Carol will be joined by Chad Davis of NAHB, Washington, DC; Mary DeWalt, MIRM of Mary DeWalt Design Group Inc., Austin, TX; Kelly Fink, MIRM of The Providence Group of Georgia LLC, Johns Creek, GA; Janette Hawkins of Keystone… Read More

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  5. Five Digital Marketing Goals

    If you’re not already planning for 2014, chances are you soon will be. The push to meet, year-end deadlines combined with the upcoming holidays means that you should be setting your 2014 marketing goals now. Goal setting in itself can be a difficult process, so to help you get started, we’ve come up with five marketing goals. While every organization or company is going to have different priorities, objectives and strategies for reaching their goals, the big picture is basically… Read More

  6. A Digital Revolution – Marketing in the 21st Century

    We’re always talking about why your company should have a great website, social media and mobile presence, and HubSpot’s newest edition of 120 Awesome Marketing, Stats, Charts & Graphs provides interesting statistics to back us up. Here’s a rundown of a few of our favorite stats: Almost eight new people come onto the Internet every second 79 percent of online shoppers spend at least 50 percent of their time researching products 57 percent of marketers acquired customers from blogging, while… Read More

  7. Traditional News Seeks Simplistic Future Thanks to Mobile Technology

    Mobile technology has not only shifted the way consumers receive their news, but it has also reformatted the standards of how and when consumers ingest digital marketing. The traditional paper, while still in existence, is a mere splinter of its former identity. Both tablets and smartphones have increased the demand for timeliness of news delivery on a mobile web design platform. While mobile web design may not have the same multi-functional ability to cover a mad-dash through the rain, the… Read More