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  1. Marketing To Different Generations; How Do You Reach Them?

    Not everyone is attracted to information in the same way.  That’s especially true when it comes to different generations and what motivates them to make purchasing decisions. Understanding broad generational characteristics allows you to customize your marketing initiatives and maximize your marketing dollars for the most effective reach. However, once you recognize what contact channels your targets use, what they value and how they spend their money, how do you craft the messaging to make sure you touch them?  What follows… Read More

  2. 14 Search Engine Optimization Tips

    SEO isn’t just what you do onsite to your website. Now don’t get me wrong. Performing search engine optimization on your website is important, but is is only about 20-percent of what is important for the site to rank highly in the search engines. Because organic search contributes the most qualified website traffic and leads, it is important to understand what comprises good SEO in 2016. If you do SEO right, it can contribute as much as 50-percent of the… Read More

  3. Name one BIG Builder with a Blog

    Media buzz continues to center on social media and how major American corporations are using it to reach out to broader customer bases, yet I can’t name one big builder with a blog. Corporations such as SouthWest airlines were early adopters and are reaping the benefits of embracing consumers online. While surveys by respected companies such as Cone Research and Marketing Sherpa show that social media will see huge increases in 2009, big builders are nowhere to be found. While… Read More