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  1. Best Email Headlines to Get Attention

    As we’re diving head first into the holiday shopping season, everyone wants to be front of mind for the deal-conscious customer.  We all know that email is the most direct way to get in front of your ideal target, however, what makes them tick?  How do you get them to click on and open your email? First, stick to the core promise of email: Be relevant. Ask for the sale. Make interaction as easy and convenient as possible. Keep people… Read More

  2. Marketing To Different Generations; How Do You Reach Them?

    Not everyone is attracted to information in the same way.  That’s especially true when it comes to different generations and what motivates them to make purchasing decisions. Understanding broad generational characteristics allows you to customize your marketing initiatives and maximize your marketing dollars for the most effective reach. However, once you recognize what contact channels your targets use, what they value and how they spend their money, how do you craft the messaging to make sure you touch them?  What follows… Read More

  3. Email Marketing: Are You RELEVANT?

    Marketers around the globe know email is one of the most effective marketing tools in their marketing toolboxes. Capturing email addresses on your website, at a trade show, or even at the point of sale is critical for continual follow-up and future sales, but what is the best way to market to those email addresses. Creating an environment that gives your prospects and customers a way to continue to get valuable content and information from you, without overwhelming them with… Read More

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  5. Email Marketing: Still on Trend

    Seasons change, trends come and go, but one thing remains the same: email. Although social media and mobile are the hot marketing topics, email is a powerful tool for marketers. With more than 100 billion emails being sent every hour (MarketingProfs) and 28 percent of shoppers saying they want more (Exact Target), it’s no wonder that this tactic has remained at the top of the marketing pyramid. So, if you still think email is not an important piece of your… Read More

  6. 15 Marketing Tips For 2015

    Every year the mRELEVANCE team makes a list of tactics and techniques that will benefit our clients’ marketing programs.  Each member of the mRELEVANCE team brings their own insight regarding various specialties within marketing. Here are our tips for marketing trends in 2015: Carol Morgan, managing partner Advertising – Behavioral/GeoTargeting Utilize geotargeting and behavioral targeting in combination with key word searches, pay per click or other advertising methods. Many ad networks offer very sophisticated targeting along with retargeting of customers… Read More

  7. Don’t Miss the Mobile Bandwagon

    Are you reading this from a mobile device? Raise your hand if you are! Chances are if we could see you, at least half would have your hands raised. According to data from a Yesmail Interactive study, 61 percent of consumers view brand emails either on a mobile device or on both mobile and desktop devices. Mobile, defined as both tablets and smartphones, has taken off over the past few years, and has changed the way that marketers think about… Read More

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  9. How Does Your Lead Generation Grow?

    In the business world, it’s all about cultivating leads to bring in new buyers. Finding potential customers can be difficult and time consuming if you don’t know which tactics to use. In the latest 2013 Lead Generation Benchmark Report, MarketingSherpa analyzes lead generation tactics based on two factors — level of difficulty and effectiveness. Easiest Lead Generation Tactics Print advertising Direct mail Email marketing

  10. Integration Increases Effectiveness of Email Marketing

    According to recent MarketingSherpa research, while many companies are integrating their email marketing campaigns with their company’s website and social media channels, only a handful have taken the next step to include other important channels. The survey asked, “Which marketing channels does your organization integrate with your email program? Select all that apply.” Unsurprisingly, 75 percent of respondents selected website integration and 56 percent included social media. However, only 35 percent utilized their blog, and even less, 21 percent, indicated… Read More

  11. Mobile Winning the Epic Email Open Battle

    In an epic battle between whether consumers will open email on mobile or their desktop, mobile seems to be edging toward victory. According to recent findings in the Return Path global bi-annual mobile email report, 37 percent of people now open email on mobile devices as opposed to the 30 percent opening through webmail in a browser. Mobile is showing no signs of mercy, having increased more than 300 percent since 2010 and with four of out 10 emails now… Read More

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  13. Email, Social Media and Mobile Top 2013 Marketing Budgets

    As the economy continues to recover, it should come as no surprise that company marketing budgets are improving too. Recent survey results from StrongMail found that total marketing budgets will rise in 2013. Forty five percent of companies plan to maintain current marketing levels ,while another 45 percent will increase their budgets for 2013. Unsurprisingly, email (55.5 percent), social media (51.3 percent) and mobile (42.8 percent) are the top three areas the businesses will focus on this year.  On the… Read More