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  1. There is More to Facebook Than Just Your Wall

    Pink Floyd was ahead of their time with the song, “Another Brick In The Wall.” Little did Roger Waters realize in 1972 that he could be describing Facebook marketing in 2010.  You see, not only can you add another brick to your wall (tabs across the top of your business Facebook page), but you can also ‘Tear Down The Wall” and use one of these new custom tabs as your entry page instead of the wall. Simply put, using custom… Read More

  2. Another Week, Another Facebook Change (Or Three)

    If you’ve been monitoring your Facebook business page (which if you have one, should be regularly), you’ve certainly noticed that today is a big day: the end of boxes and expansive pixel width for tabs. Apparently the switch hasn’t occurred yet, so there’s still time to make some quick adjustments. If you still want the information on boxes to be a part of your page, you’ll need to change each box to appear as a tab. If you have social… Read More

  3. Digg – just another Facebook Application

    Digg, long regarded as THE social bookmarking site for creating social networks and sharing content, has recently made changes that position it in many ways as just another Facebook application. It is a bit of a disappointment for those of us who spent hours creating Digg communities to not be able to send a shout out to our Digg friends to share bookmarks.  The flip side is that it might be easier for Digg to sell to Facebook or another… Read More