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  1. Meet Facebook The Loyalty Card of the Internet

    You may use one when you purchase groceries, gas or office supplies. I bet there is one on hanging on your key ring with your car keys. Loyalty cards reward frequent patrons for their commitment to a store or brand.  This is pretty easy to measure as a storefront, but how do you measure this with your online consumers? How do you know if they like your product, and how do you reward them for staying true to your brand?… Read More

  2. Facebook Seeks Some Corporate Action

    “How do you like me now?” Facebook has made several recent changes to improve interactions between consumers and corporate brands. The most recent is that Facebook users will no longer fan the pages of corporations, instead they will indicate that they “like” the company. Hopefully consumers will be more willing to like a company because it is less threatening and less of a commitment than becoming a fan. So when you browse the pages that you previously fanned, you will… Read More