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  1. mRELEVANCE Promotion for Essex Homes Leads to 60 Home Sales

    Together with Essex Homes, mRELEVANCE brought back the Carolina home builder’s popular “Twice as Nice” campaign for 2016, and, once again, it was an undeniable success. During this year’s campaign, Essex Homes offered buyers the chance to double their tax refund up to $10,000 with the purchase of a new home in Columbia, South Carolina. The maximum refund increased in 2016 from the $5,000 maximum promoted in 2015. With even more incentive, buyers jumped at this opportunity with Essex Homes,… Read More

  2. mRELEVANCE Partners with S&A Homes to Run Smart Home Promotion

    If you’re like us, you stay up-to-date on all of the latest technology. From new apps for your smart phone to new gadgets, these innovations are all about making life easier. Imagine technology transforming your home too. Now, it can! mRELEVANCE recently partnered with client S&A Homes to launch a social media campaign to introduce the builder’s eTech™ smart homes package. We helped develop a fun giveaway centered around S&A Homes’ video that demonstrates this powerful technology. By having Facebook fans comment on the video with #eTechAppleWatchGiveaway for a chance to… Read More

  3. One Million Selfies and Counting

    Businesses often find it difficult to engage audiences on social media platforms. Many businesses operate under an assumption we refer to at mRELEVANCE as “The Field of Dreams” theory; if you build it, they will come. Unfortunately, while this concept works well in the movies, it doesn’t work very well for social media pages. The initial ‘taste’ of social media engagement usually leaves businesses wanting more. This ‘taste’ typically results in a few leads from short term engagement prompted by… Read More

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  5. Own for Less than Rent Campaign Encourages Home Ownership

    Created to educate buyers about the benefits of owning rather than renting, mRELEVANCE has launched a new “Own for Less than Rent” campaign for Arkansas based homebuilder Rausch Coleman Homes. This marketing campaign offers incentives to both new buyers and existing homeowners. Designed primarily for first-time homebuyers, the “Own for Less than Rent” campaign offers buyers the opportunity to save thousands on their new home. Buyers that purchase a home before April 24 will receive half-off select options up to… Read More