Tag: Foursquare

  1. Foursquare for Business Makes Targeted Improvements

    Looking to reward your Fousquare customers with a little something more than just a generic check-in special? Foursquare, a social mobile app, recently unveiled a new plan that will allow merchants to create personalized coupons for people who “check-in.” The new coupon feature will complement the application’s new merchant dashboard, which will display information such as the time of day people visit, male versus female patron breakdown, a list of the best customers, a list of former loyal customers and… Read More

  2. Your Business Location and the Web

    How does your business reach consumers in the local community? Local search, of course! Every major search engine has some form of local search, and some can automatically determine your vicinity using your IP address. It is extremely beneficial and relatively easy for today’s businesses to list themselves in Google’s local search. When Google searches are cross referenced with a  location, such as a city name or zip code, businesses matching the search criteria show up on a map at… Read More