Tag: generational differences

  1. The Surprising Statistics Behind Youth Buyers

    When it comes to marketing, many companies develop strategies that focus on adult buyers without giving younger audiences a second thought. For years, adults have made  the majority of decisions when it comes to purchases, so it made sense to develop campaigns that focused on their needs and wants. However, new statistics from the 2012 Harris Poll YouthPulse study reveal interesting data that just may have companies changing their tunes. The 2012 Harris Poll YouthPulse surveyed 250 boys and 250… Read More

  2. Keep Out: Employers Not Wanted

    To share or not to share? That is the million dollar question that has been dominating the social media world lately as more and more employers are asking their employees or potential employees to grant them access to their private social media profiles. A new study from American Pulse reports that 40 percent of people would quit or withdraw their job application if an employer asked for social media passwords, 22 percent did not use social media at all, 10… Read More

  3. Dealing With Gen Y – The Next Generation

    Gen Y doesn’t own a turntable, will never have a car with an 8-track and certainly doesn’t remember the days of 3 TV channels that we had to walk across the room to change. And back in the day, cartoons only played on Saturday mornings. I used to get up before 7 a.m. just to watch Casper the friendly ghost! This year at the International Builder’s Show, Mitch Levinson, Steve Lewkowitz and Joe Stoddard will present Dealing With Gen Y… Read More