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  1. Google AdWords Updates-How Does it Affect Me?

    Without a doubt, Google AdWords is one of the most flexible marketing programs out there. With the ability to target specific online users based on geography and the device they use to search for products and services, plus dictate exactly what you would like to spend on a daily or monthly basis, Google AdWords sets the standards for paid search ad platforms. Since AdWords is the main revenue generator for Google (over 77% of Google’s $75 billion dollar revenue in… Read More

  2. Increase Your Web Traffic the Easy Way with Google Analytics

    Have you been searching for a way to easily track your website, blog and social media traffic? Look no further than Google Analytics. This free, easy to use tool, offered by Google, allows you to filter your traffic with no hassle and is one of the best kept secrets on the web. After creating an account and looking at the information Google Analytics gives you, including graphs of daily visits, average time of visit, bounce rates and even what country… Read More

  3. Facebook Seeks Some Corporate Action

    “How do you like me now?” Facebook has made several recent changes to improve interactions between consumers and corporate brands. The most recent is that Facebook users will no longer fan the pages of corporations, instead they will indicate that they “like” the company. Hopefully consumers will be more willing to like a company because it is less threatening and less of a commitment than becoming a fan. So when you browse the pages that you previously fanned, you will… Read More

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  5. Google Analytics – Flexing with Intelligence & Power

    As November looms on the calendar, mRELEVANCE begins to prepare for our monthly tracking reports using Google Analytics for our clients. Its a time to reflect on our internet marketing efforts and analyze trends, content and quantify our search engine optimization strategy on each and every metric measured by our friends in Mountain View, California.  Google recently announced additional tools to help alert, set goals and customize reporting to follow very specific trends by your website’s visitors. Firstly, Google Analytics… Read More