Tag: Google Tools

  1. Google AdWords Updates-How Does it Affect Me?

    Without a doubt, Google AdWords is one of the most flexible marketing programs out there. With the ability to target specific online users based on geography and the device they use to search for products and services, plus dictate exactly what you would like to spend on a daily or monthly basis, Google AdWords sets the standards for paid search ad platforms. Since AdWords is the main revenue generator for Google (over 77% of Google’s $75 billion dollar revenue in… Read More

  2. Google Gadgets: Voice

    Today, we’re going to look at a core part of our lives: the phone and how Google can make it better with Google Voice. Google Voice creates an additional phone number that you can add to any phone, or use to replace existing numbers. This means that if you move, change carriers, lose your phone, or anything else, then your Google phone number stays the same. In addition, your Google Voice number can answer multiple phone numbers, so you won’t… Read More