Tag: Increased Sales

  1. Soft Selling and Building Your Network

    In social media trying to hard sell your goods or services is seen by most as the equivalent of spam, in fact I’d be willing to bet most would call it spamming. The fact of the matter is most people you encounter on social networks will not be directly interested in whatever it is you have to sell, and trying shove it down their throats is a good way to lose friends and alienate people. The best way to promote… Read More

  2. Call-A-Thons Still Work!!

    Call-A-Thons are a great tool in real estate marketing to get results and make some sales.  They help buyers feel like they are getting the best deal possible, and getting special attention.  Here are a few tips from mRELEVANCE to get you started: Have your Builder there to finalize all deals over the phone. Schedule phone appointments with prospects a week prior to the Call-A-Thon date. Let the Prospect know that the Builder is there to make a deal. Have all… Read More