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  1. Your 2013 Marketing Plan: Connected. Interactive. Available.

    Are you connected, interactive and available? If not, 2013 is the year to make it happen. Today’s companies need to focus on effectively connecting and interacting with their buyers, which means being available almost 24/7 in today’s connected society. You can avoid being yesterday’s news by putting together your 2013 marketing strategy in advance. Traditional advertising strategies as the primary tactic of reaching consumers are viewed as overly promotional by today’s buyers. Instead, buyers are looking for direct communication, engagement… Read More

  2. Communicating with Your Customers: They are Just a Click Away

    Communicating with your customer base is fundamental, especially in an age where your competition is only a click away. Social media helps maintain communication, and a blog is the perfect tool to use. Businesses use blogs to showcase new products, give advice to potential clients, discuss industry news or share current events. A blog can help position your company as an expert, build your brand and even increase your website traffic. If this sounds like a communication tool that you’d… Read More

  3. Apps, Apps and More Apps

    When you’re out on the weekends exploring the city and want to find the hottest new restaurant for a quick Saturday bite, do you prefer to use your Smartphone’s mobile applications or Web browser to search? Well, if you’re under the age of 35, you’re more likely to use a mobile app according to a new study by market research and consulting firm Parks Associates. The data collected also found that Gen X and Gen Y are especially unhappy with… Read More

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  5. Use Online Video to Increase Profit

    Online video is a modern, effective way to increase publicity for your business. If you have not yet heard of YouTube, it is a Web site in which you can upload videos and view other user’s videos for free. YouTube is mostly utilized for entertainment, education, and valuable information. Millions of people are already taking advantage of this technology to reach the masses, and so should you! So why is YouTube a great internet marketing strategy for business owners? As… Read More

  6. Why Should My Company Have a Blog?

    There are numerous reasons to have a corporate blog.  Whether your blog is a stand alone site or the news section of your Web site, a blog should be a building block of your social media marketing, search engine optimization and Internet marketing strategy. Position your company as an expert on a topic or in a specific field. A blog can provide a relaxed platform for your company to engage buyers in conversations.  This type of relationship marketing helps to… Read More