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  1. Internet Use, Range of Smartphone Users Increasing in America

    Ever since they debuted in the market, smartphones have been a huge hit among consumers, and its easy to see why. Smartphones have compacted essential features of a computer into  small, user-friendly pocket-sized devices. Smartphone users enjoy using social networking apps, Internet browsing, e-mail and other handy features with devices that fit in the palm of their hand. A recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Pew Internet Project, found some interesting trends regarding which groups of Americans are adopting smartphones and how… Read More

  2. E-Mail, It’s Coming to an Inbox Near You

    E-mail is one of the most crucial components of online communication. On a daily- even hourly- basis, company advertisements, notes from colleagues, letters from friends, bills, alerts and even spam fill your inbox. Some organizations have turned completely to e-mail and left “snail mail” in the dust. The Harte-Hanks Postfuture Index 2009-2010 examined the numbers on about 2.8 million e-mails sent by 100 companies in nine vertical industries and spotted some interesting trends. Time is of the essence, and people… Read More

  3. Smartphones: Current Trend and Way of the Future

    People have “hung up” on the days when phones were used strictly to place calls. With all of the great technology available, it’s no surprise that Americans are upgrading to the newest smartphones on the market. A recent survey compiled by Prosper Mobile Insights in May 2011 spotted some interesting trends among smartphone users. A new breed of phone, some of these devices seem more like tiny laptops than their clunky 90s predecessors. In fact, some people prefer using their… Read More

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  5. Where Do You Get Your News?

    I get most of my daily news from my iPhone. Where do you get your news? More and more of my friends and colleagues have downloaded apps (applications) that allow them to access news when it is convenient for them. In my case I have WSB-TV, The Drudge Report, The Associated Press and the Weather Channel loaded on my iPhone. So although I’m still accessing mainstream media for news, I’m choosing to find out what is going on when I… Read More

  6. Best Times to Post Content

    As the world becomes increasingly globalized and technology continues to become more and more of a daily staple in our society, time zones are disappearing. Additionally with smartphones and iPads and netbooks, we now seem to be online ALL the time. This can certainly add confusion to when is the best time to post your social media content, online press releases and even new website content. However, there are still some guidelines you can use to ensure that traffic is… Read More

  7. Boomers and Social Networking sites…not just for kids anymore!

    So you think Facebook and Myspace is for GenX and Y’ers? This is an article from BrandWeek.com, a reliable marketing source, about a study about on Baby Boomers and their use of Social Media outlets. If you think these sites are only for young people, and that your buyers are not there, think again. Here is an excerpt from the article…contact us to help you use Social Media more effectively. “according to a new Entertainment Trends in America study by… Read More