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  1. 2017 is the Year of Video Marketing

    Is video marketing really worth the time and effort for promoting your business? Will customers or clients even take the time to watch it? The answer is yes! From YouTube to virtual reality, video marketing is a trend that is progressing rapidly. At IBS 2017, mRELEVANCE partners Mitch Levinson and Carol Morgan are joined by Laura Alston from Rausch Coleman Homes, Kelly Fink with The Providence Group, Janette Hawkins with Traditions of America and Irene Hall of FrontDoor Communities to… Read More

  2. Top 6 Strategies for Optimizing Videos

    Consumers are watching more videos than ever. If your company has not added video to its marketing mix, we can give you five trillion reasons why including video as a marketing tactic is a good idea! According to a recent survey by Ampere Analysis, Facebook is on track to deliver two trillion video views this year. YouTube will deliver three trillion views this year. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. With more than three billion searches… Read More

  3. Facebook on Track to Surpass YouTube in Video Viewership

    Where do you watch videos? Is your answer YouTube? If so, you are in good company. However, it might surprise you to discover that YouTube, the popular video-sharing website that garnered a whopping 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide in 2014, is currently facing some tough competition! Not surprisingly, the competition is coming from the world’s largest online social network. That’s right, Facebook is hot on the heels of the Google-owned giant. According to a recent survey and market research… Read More

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  5. The Battle of the Social Video: Instagram vs. Vine

    If you like to experiment with new social media sites, you have probably downloaded Vine to your mobile phone by now. If you keep up with the latest social media news, you have heard of Vine, the six second video tool from Twitter. Well now this super short, micro video site has competition! Instagram recently unveiled the ability to create 15 second videos on their app. Instagram is a photo sharing site that allows users to filter photos and upload… Read More

  6. Vine 6 Second Video Marketing

    Video is a great way to “Rev up Your Social Media.” When you think of using video as a social marketing tool, YouTube is probably top of mind. However, individuals and companies are expanding their use of social video by using Vine, a new site developed by Twitter. So, what exactly is Vine? Vine is a mobile service that allows users to capture and share short, looping videos. Videos can only be six seconds, so capturing the viewers attention quickly… Read More

  7. How Do I Add Video to My Blog Post?

    This has been a popular question lately, so I thought I’d answer it on the blog to serve as a quick reference for anyone having trouble loading video onto a Word Press blog. Here is a quick 5 step process for loading video into your Word Press blog: Load the video into your YouTube account. Make sure you add appropriate tags and a description so that you get the maximum syndication value from YouTube. Click on the YouTube  embed code… Read More

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  9. YouTube Gets a Facelift

    You might have noticed/heard that YouTube got a new look. Launched April, 1 2010 the new cleaner, more streamlined YouTube was rally not an April Fools prank. Here are some of the changes you’ll need to take note of as you’re navigating the new page. The biggest change is the design change of the right hand navigation bar. Where there once was YouTuber (ie YouTube user) information, a picture, and the embed code for your favorite videos, you’ll now find… Read More

  10. Pocket Video Cameras

    Looking for a small, easy to use video camera for that someone special? Pocket Camcorders are usually rectangular shaped, vertically oriented, and record video formatted for the web, they tend to be a little cheaper than your average camcorder, and have a little less video quality. They come in two main varieties, HD (high definition) and and standard.  In simplest terms HD means the video has a resolution of 1280×720 pixels or higher, in reference to the web standard definition… Read More

  11. Put Video to Work in your Social Media Program

    Do you have video of your product or service? YouTube is an online video service that allows anyone to publish and share video via the Internet. YouTube provides a user friendly platform that allows companies to easily embed video into Facebook, blogs and Web sites. Share original videos via mobile devices and email. New videos are a great way to keep consumers coming back to your site to see what’s new. YouTube Business Advantages •    Easily embed videos and share… Read More