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  1. Cool Infographic: Keystone’s New vs. Used Homes

    Do you need to make your message visually appealing? An infographic is the way to go. Recently, we created a bright and colorful piece to help Keystone Custom Homes encourage buying new homes with an infographic, “Why Should You Buy New?: New vs. Used Homes.” The builder wanted to show that purchasing a new home saves money over time while not being boring (complex facts and numbers are way more easy to understand with graphics and, of course, they are… Read More

  2. mRELEVANCE Celebrates Seventh Anniversary

    mRELEVANCE, LLC is pleased to announce that it is currently celebrating its seventh anniversary. Managing Partner Carol Morgan states, “We judge our success by our client’s success. Based on their ROI from working with us during the past seven years, I’d say we are pretty successful!” mRELEVANCE works to create effective marketing strategies for clients. Through a combination of innovative thinking, focused messages, new technologies, traditional public relations and graphic design, mRELEVANCE helps clients across the country reach and build… Read More

  3. mRELEVANCE Partners with Keystone Custom Homes for Dream Vacation Promotion

    mRELEVANCE recently partnered with Keystone Custom Homes to create a Dream Vacation promotion for Realtors. The goal of this program is to cultivate relationships with Realtors by providing them with a special perk beyond a standard commission for selling Keystone Custom Homes. Janette Hawkins, Vice President of Marketing and Internet Technology for Keystone Custom Homes states, “We love working with Realtors and want to show our appreciation with additional incentives throughout the year. The Dream Vacation promotion is our newest… Read More

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  5. mRELEVANCE Creates New Graphics for Keystone His-or-Her Promotion

    If you are an avid viewer of HGTV, then chances are you have seen the popular show, “House Hunters.” This addicting show follows buyers searching for the perfect home. Many buyers  in “House Hunters” and in real life, have a list of must-haves when it comes to buying a home. From large kitchens, a home office and an open floor plan to two-car garages, a large backyard and a basement, finding the perfect home can be challenging. With the idea… Read More

  6. mRELEVANCE Smiles for HOPE with Keystone Custom Homes

    We are excited to announce the start of a unique social media campaign for Keystone Custom Homes that combines the popularity of selfies with non-profit advocacy.  Created to benefit HOPE International, Smile for HOPE invites participants to take selfies at the builder’s model homes or quick move-in showcase homes until Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014. For each selfie posted on social media, Keystone will donate $5 to HOPE along with an additional $1 for every home toured. “The campaign, designed to… Read More

  7. mRELEVANCE Launches Keystone Custom Homes Realtor Blog

    mRELEVANCE, LLC announces the launch of the new Keystone Custom Homes Realtor blog, www.KCHRealtors.com. The Keystone Rewards Realtors blog will help the Pennsylvania home builder better connect with and reward hardworking co-op Realtors who  sell their homes. “Co-op Realtors are the backbone of this company. Without them, we could not provide outstanding customer service to our home buyers,” stated Janette Hawkins, Vice President of Marketing and Internet Technology with Keystone Custom Homes. The blog will feature information on Keystone Custom… Read More

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  9. Attracting All Audiences with YouTube

    While YouTube One Channel has been around for a few months now, many brands don’t know how to best take advantage of the improvements that the new platform provides. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know: Layout: The new layout has removed the customizable background and replaced it with Content Art, which is a photo banner that resizes (think responsive design) to the appropriate  browser size based on the device used to access the site. Included in… Read More

  10. mRELEVANCE Develops Pinterest Campaign for Keystone Custom Homes

    mRELEVANCE, LLC announces the launch of Keystone Custom Homes’ Pinterest Pin-N-Win sweepstakes. The interactive social media campaign utilizes one of social media’s most widely used sites, Pinterest.  Participants are invited to create a Keystone Custom Homes dream home board on Pinterest and compete to win a $500 Pottery Barn gift card. The contest ends July 5, and the winner will be announced on July 8, 2013. “This campaign provides Keystone Custom Homes a way to interact and engage with its… Read More

  11. mRELEVANCE Develops Social Media Campaign for Keystone Custom Homes

    mRELEVANCE, LLC is excited to announce the launch of a new social media campaign for Keystone Custom Homes. The company, central Pennsylvania’s largest independent homebuilder, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and called on the integrated marketing agency to develop a new promotion. “20 Ways to Save” provides homebuyers with 20 special coupons on a variety of channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the builder’s website and blog. “We developed this campaign to promote Keystone Custom Homes’ 20th anniversary, while also… Read More

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  13. My KCH Dream Home

    Keystone Custom Homes of Lancaster, Penn. is central Pennsylvania’s largest independent homebuilder. They are  ranked as one of the top 100 builders in the nation and have been voted as “America’s Best Builder” three times. The builder has worked with mRELEVANCE on a number of campaigns and promotions. Their most recent promotion, which was designed and implemented by mRELEVANCE in late May 2013, was a Pin-N-Win Sweepstakes. “My KCH Dream Home” was an engaging social media campaign in which Pinterest… Read More