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  1. Planning for 2018

    As we enter the fourth quarter of 2017, its time to start thinking about your strategy for the coming year; if you haven’t already.  Perhaps you had a structured marketing budget for 2017 or maybe you simply conducted various marketing initiatives and approved certain tactics along the way because they seemed to make sense. Either way now is the time to review the results from 2017 and think about new or adjusted goals and/or any changes you need to make… Read More

  2. Generation Translation

    With the housing market on the rise again and social media gaining an even greater presence in the business world, knowing just who you’re targeting and how to reach them effectively has become increasingly important. Currently, two of the largest generations in history are in the housing market at the same time, and they both have their separate wants and needs. These generations are the Baby Boomers and Generation Y. The Baby Boomer generation is considered to be the 76… Read More

  3. Your Internet Marketing Toolbox

    As you start to budget, plan and strategize for 2012, it is important to take a good look at your Internet Marketing Toolbox. In order to create a comprehensive marketing program, you’ll want to set it up with your blog and website as the foundation and all of your other marketing tactics integrated. Your website is the single most important communication vehicle for your company and brand. It is also one of the few that you completely control. Make sure… Read More

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  5. What Should My Marketing Plan Include?

    There are so many choices today for where to spend marketing dollars, it is really not surprising that small businesses often ask us, “What should my marketing plan include?” Because we get this question a lot, we thought it would make a great blog post. Here are our top picks for what your marketing strategy should include in 2011.  Even if you can not afford all of these in your budget, your marketing strategy should contain several of them.  From… Read More

  6. Marketing Relevance – Make Every Dollar Count

    No doubt, budgets have gotten tight. Now more than ever it is important to make every dollar count. Do you know where to spend your marketing dollars? Have you achieved nirvana? Marketing nirvana = Marketing Relevance. Make sure that you are choosing Relevant strategies for your marketing. What is your strategy? Who is your target audience? What is the call to action? Are you communicating the right messages to your target market through a medium that is relevant to them?… Read More