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  1. Video Marketing: Product Showcase Videos

    Have you or your company ever wanted to showcase one of your products or features in an innovative way that would reach a qualified target audience? One of our clients, The Dragas Companies, wanted to showcase two of their communities, Halstead at Spence Crossing and Spence Crossing at Princess Anne, in a cool and effective way. At Marketing RELEVANCE, we keep ahead of new digital trends that help to increase our clients’ leads and return on investment (ROI), so we… Read More

  2. Creating YOUR Positive Reputation

    At mRELEVANCE it is our goal to help your business grow and prosper online. You may not think that your online reputation is all that important, but it does play a significant role in how both prospective and current customers view your business. Your online reputation can one of the first things that people can encounter when they search for you online. As more consumers turn to the internet to make purchases and find companies to work with, those same… Read More

  3. Digital Marketing: Change is Constant

    The industry of digital marketing is always changing. It is always evolving and pushing forward on the edge of the marketing envelope. Most innovative companies try to keep ahead of the curve. Recently, marketing and advertising has shifted gears to be more visually driven rather than content driven. Content is still king, however the main focus is to draw in customers based on primarily what they see. An average internet user will scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram only skimming… Read More

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  5. Top Trends for Marketing in 2016

    We’ve made our New Year’s resolutions, and now we’re ready to make our predictions! The world of marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and it can be hard to keep up with the changing trends. To help guide our team and our clients, each member of the mRELEVANCE team has picked the marketing tactic or technique that they think will reign supreme in 2016. Video and shopping through social media sites were mentioned by multiple team members. Do… Read More

  6. Top 10 Tips for Getting Your SEO on Track

    During the“Top 10 Tips for Getting Your SEO on Track” webinar the mRELEVANCE SEO team discussed search engine optimization techniques that will prove to be successful for 2016. These include some tried and true tactics and some things that are relatively new to SEO that we learned during our recent trip to Pubcon. The premier social media and search optimization conference held annually in Las Vegas, Pubcon is our team’s once a year “don’t miss” conference. For anyone that missed… Read More

  7. 15 Marketing Tips For 2015

    Every year the mRELEVANCE team makes a list of tactics and techniques that will benefit our clients’ marketing programs.  Each member of the mRELEVANCE team brings their own insight regarding various specialties within marketing. Here are our tips for marketing trends in 2015: Carol Morgan, managing partner Advertising – Behavioral/GeoTargeting Utilize geotargeting and behavioral targeting in combination with key word searches, pay per click or other advertising methods. Many ad networks offer very sophisticated targeting along with retargeting of customers… Read More

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  9. How Can I Market Effectively Using Instagram?

    Instagram is a popular photo sharing site that enables users to take pictures or videos and share them across multiple social networks. It currently has over 300 million active accounts as of December 2014. The site attracts both men and women mostly under the age of 35. It works very well for personal use and for large consumer goods companies looking to build a following and maintain (or even build) brand. Instagram is somewhat limited in its use for marketing… Read More

  10. Say Cheese! How Photo Sharing Sites Can Boost Business

    It’s no secret that a picture is worth  1,000 words. Especially in our highly digitized world that includes smartphones with built-in cameras, photo apps such as Instagram and Postagram and photo-based social media sites such as Pinterest. However, picture sharing doesn’t have to end there. There are plenty of free and paid photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Shutterfly and Photobucket. Flickr is a photo management and sharing application from Yahoo! Businesses can use Flickr to upload photos of… Read More

  11. Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Home Builders Must Avoid

    In today’s market, it is imperative for home builders to know how to maneuver through the world of social media. Recently, in an interview with Kendall Matthews of KJAM Radio, Carol Flammer, author of “Social Media for Home Builders: It’s Easier than You Think,” discussed the top five marketing mistakes home builders make and offers her recommendations for builders who are looking to implement a social media program. The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Home Builders Must Avoid: These top five… Read More