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  1. Search Engine Optimization Goes Local

    When it comes to making sure local customers know that your company or product exists in their own backyard, where should you promote your company? We all know that consumers start their searches one of two places – online or by asking a friend for a referral. The latest chart from MarketingSherpa reveals the local search engine optimization (SEO) tactics businesses are using most often as they fight for traffic through their doors.

  2. Is Your Website Optimization Paying Off?

    When you run a business, making sure your time and money are producing a solid return on investment is important. This should especially hold true for website optimization tactics, since websites typically account for 25 percent of marketing spending. However, according to a recent MarketingSherpa study, more than half of marketers (53 percent) could not or did not calculate the ROI of their website strategies. On the flip side, of those who did calculate their ROI, 38 percent say that… Read More

  3. Conversion is the Internet Marketing King

    Businesses know that they should use  Internet marketing to increase sales, but what exactly are they trying to achieve through these marketing techniques? A recent study from MarketingSherpa analyzed just that.  Marketers were asked to rate various search engine optimization goals for their website based on their personal priority levels. The study found that by far (83 percent), the most important goal for marketers was to increase overall conversion for pages. In other words, they want web visitors to take… Read More

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  5. Is Social Media Worth the Cost?

    Q: How is social media marketing is perceived within your organization at budget time? A: Exciting news, companies are starting to understand and incorporate social media marketing! Almost half of the respondents said that they see social media as an effective marketing tactic and intend to increase their budgets conservatively. In addition, 7% of respondents said that they plan to liberally increase their social media budgets in 2010. It seems that the companies who are investing time and money into… Read More