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  1. Email Marketing: Still on Trend

    Seasons change, trends come and go, but one thing remains the same: email. Although social media and mobile are the hot marketing topics, email is a powerful tool for marketers. With more than 100 billion emails being sent every hour (MarketingProfs) and 28 percent of shoppers saying they want more (Exact Target), it’s no wonder that this tactic has remained at the top of the marketing pyramid. So, if you still think email is not an important piece of your… Read More

  2. The Buying Process has Changed

    Hot off the press. The buying process for large purchases (like homes and other items priced over $25,000) is changing due to the economy.  Marketing Sherpa reports, “Marketers who understand buyer behavior will be able to align their selling process with the buying process more effectively.” Virtual events, search engines and Web sites are taking the lead followed closely by social media (blogs and social networking) as well as newsletters. If you are still struggling to find your way online… Read More