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  1. Facebook Advertising Redefines Cost-Per-Click for the Better

    Facebook advertising has made a lot of changes over the past few months. If you have not tried it before, now may be a good time. Advertising on Facebook is designed with specific goals in mind such as tracking conversions on a website, creating in-store traffic, capturing phone call leads or securing website traffic with click-throughs. One specific advertising goal is clicks to a website, and when a business runs this type of campaign, it pays per click to the… Read More

  2. FTC Makes Changes in Social Media Guidelines

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently updated the social media guidelines for brands. The recent changes in guidelines include more specific advice on social media marketing compliance, endorsements, testimonials and more. This is the first update to the FTC guidelines since 2010.  Brands can expect the FTC to pay more attention to social media marketing activity in the upcoming months. A message from the FTC was given stating, “We have given guidance. You are all on notice.” Make sure to… Read More

  3. Updates to Facebook Advertising Put Businesses in Control

    The newest Facebook advertising updates put businesses in the driver’s seat. These changes, which were rolled out a few weeks ago,  allow advertisers to choose their campaign objective, choose their ad placement and measure their results more accurately. The first big change is that advertisers can select from eight campaign objectives: web site conversions, web site clicks, page likes, post engagement, app installs, app engagement, event responses and offer claims. Then, based on the chosen objective, Facebook will recommend the… Read More

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  5. LinkedIn Introduces New Sponsored Updates for Businesses

    Following the success of Facebook’s targeted advertising and sponsored posts, many other social networks have followed suit to help their users promote their businesses and posts more effectively. While LinkedIn advertising has been around for a couple of years, more recently, the professional social media network has increased the appeal of their ads to businesses by introducing sponsored updates for company pages. Sponsored updates allow businesses to target specific customers to see a certain update they have posted on LinkedIn…. Read More

  6. Geo-Targeted Ads to Debut on Twitter

    Twitter is once again expanding, and this time the site’s advertising offering is becoming more robust. The micro-blogging service, which currently only allows for advertising in specific metro areas, plans to release more geo-targeted advertising by the end of the year. The new advertising services will allow brands to promote tweets to people who open the Twitter app within a certain range of their stores. This means that rather than advertising to all of metro Atlanta, if you are a… Read More

  7. Banner Advertising Best Practices

    The Internet is a wild place with gobs of information being tossed at users on every page. This bombardment of noise can make it difficult to effectively get your messages out. Well designed banner advertisements are one way to counteract the signal to noise ratio of the web. By following the best practices I have outlined below, you go a long way towards getting the most bang for your buck. Start With a Message The most important thing in designing… Read More

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  9. Weaving a Better Web

    What can I do to drive traffic to my communities? The evolution of the Internet and the current real estate market have drastically changed the way home building companies drive traffic to their communities.  Print advertising and a few well placed directional signs, a builder’s marketing staples in the past, are no longer as effective as they once were. If you’re looking for cost effective answers, you ought to try the Internet. That’s what homebuyers are doing. More than 80%… Read More

  10. How do they find you?

    90-percent of your potential homebuyers have searched for their new home builder, new home community or home online before they walk in the door of your sales center.  Treat them like a “be back” because they have researched you and know you well. Because of this most builders are focusing more of their advertising and marketing dollars online.  And due to the downsized economy this is good news for home builders because Internet marketing is typically more affordable than traditional… Read More