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  1. Can Google One-Up Facebook?

    The MVP of web search is trying to score in the field of social networking. Google is once again trying to create a social networking site. On this latest and greatest attempt, called Google+, the search engine giant is picking up the ball Facebook dropped in terms of groups and privacy. The concept behind Google+ is that users will be able to share certain things in specific groups called ‘Circles.’ Management of friends is the name of the game. If… Read More

  2. Where Do You Get Your News?

    I get most of my daily news from my iPhone. Where do you get your news? More and more of my friends and colleagues have downloaded apps (applications) that allow them to access news when it is convenient for them. In my case I have WSB-TV, The Drudge Report, The Associated Press and the Weather Channel loaded on my iPhone. So although I’m still accessing mainstream media for news, I’m choosing to find out what is going on when I… Read More