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  1. FrontDoor Communities in the News

    When client FrontDoor Communities told us about opening its most unique community yet, we knew the story would get a lot of traction – if we spun it the right way. We worked together to craft pitches as one-of-the-kind as Goulding. Located in Historic Roswell, Goulding is walking distance to Canton Street and features a restored 19th century home as its centerpiece. Terry Russell, CEO of FrontDoor Communities explained: “From the time we purchased the Goulding acreage, we knew that… Read More

  2. Morning Cup of Coffee and the Digital Newspaper

    As a kid, every morning my parents would brew a pot of coffee and then read the local newspaper as they enjoyed their first cup of coffee for the day. My mother would start with the local news and my dad with the sports and then they would switch. Fast forward 30 years and how does your breakfast table look? Does the newspaper still crackle as you turn the pages or does reading the newspaper require you to turn on… Read More

  3. Traditional PR meet Online PR

    What is the difference between traditional public relations and online public relations? Not much it  seems when the focus is media relations !  With 85 percent of searches for everything starting online, journalists are no exception. In fact, a recent study by Middleberg/Ross shows that Internet use by journalists has skyrocketed! The study reports that 98 percent of journalists go online daily looking for news.  Read the full article at dmnews. The highlights of the survey are: 92 percent use… Read More

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  5. Back to Basics: Public Relations for Builders

    We have gotten lots of calls recently from home builders and developers looking to get back to the basics of marketing.  Looking for tried and true results and tired of all the big elaborate events, they seek a traditional public relations agency with the relationships to score stories in print media for them.  The ability to identify stories and tell them to the media in a compelling way isn’t as easy as you think! Do you know what specific reportes… Read More

  6. Five Tips for getting started in social media

    So you are ready to get started in social media, but aren’t sure what to do.  Here are five tips for getting started. 1.    Blog – even if the blog is “just” your Web site’s news page 2.    Social networking on Facebook – launch a personal profile and a corporate page 3.    You Tube – post all of your virtual tours online! 4.    Online Public Relations – repurpose your PR for online distribution 5.    Email marketing – include social media… Read More

  7. PR.com – a Great Resource for Online Public Relations

    Online public relations is a critical building block of your social media marketing program.  There are numerous online PR distribution services ranging from free sites such as PRFree to paid sites such as PR Newswire and Business Wire.  Repositioning traditional press releases with relevant keywords online will help to fill your search results with positive stories; stories that you will be proud for your potential customers to read.  Online public relations is an essential tool for a positive reputation management… Read More