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  1. Listening is Important on Social Media Too

    The key to communicating is listening. If you don’t listen to those speaking to you or what is happening around you, what you have to say might be irrelevant. The same goes with social media. According to a PR Daily article, “To be a master at social media communication, you must have a strong foundation of listening.” How do you build this foundation in the online world? 1. Set up Google alerts. This tool sends e-mail updates of relevant content… Read More

  2. New Facebook Changes Affect Branding

    Over the past few months, Facebook has made lots of changes. Even though these changes may be annoying, just remember that change is constant in the social media realm. Change often provides easier and more effective ways to communicate, as well as to brand through social media. In the marketing world, just as we learn how to control our personal pages, we must also learn how to maintain our fan pages. “The challenge for Facebook marketers is keeping up with… Read More