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  1. You have your Facebook, now about your name…

    As you have probably heard, this weekend Facebook is opening up the flood gates and allowing people to register their ‘name’ or URL for their profiles and pages. According to Facebook, these new ‘usernames’ will be only available in basic text format, and account owners can only secure a single username for each profile and a single username for each page they administer. They also have offered precautions for the names you choose, as “once it’s been selected, you won’t… Read More

  2. Skills Not Tools . . You Engaging Others

    REtechSouth speaker Jeff Turner says, “The computer is a moron, stop trying to get its attention. You need to get your client’s attention.” You must control the machine. It is not about having the most friends on Facebook or the most followers on Twitter.  Social networking is not about SEO, it is about YEO – You Engaging Others. Your goal should be to engage people, engage converse, talk and sell. Skills you need to cultivate today: Design – have a… Read More

  3. Why Should My Company Have a Blog?

    There are numerous reasons to have a corporate blog.  Whether your blog is a stand alone site or the news section of your Web site, a blog should be a building block of your social media marketing, search engine optimization and Internet marketing strategy. Position your company as an expert on a topic or in a specific field. A blog can provide a relaxed platform for your company to engage buyers in conversations.  This type of relationship marketing helps to… Read More

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  5. Relationship Marketing is the Key to Surviving a Downturn

    Feeling the economic pinch? Home builders are usually among the first hit during difficult times. With bankers and other industry sectors watching, they’re rethinking the way they do business. One major change: home builders are distributing relevant messages over the channels most used by their audiences, including the Internet and social media. “Relationship marketing through public relations, social media, Internet marketing and e-mail marketing is a proven way to build and sustain a customer base,” said Carol Flammer, managing partner… Read More