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  1. Boost Website Conversion

    The latest research from Marketing Sherpa shows several ways to increase your website conversion rate from having a perpetual shopping cart to adding live chat to optimizing and customizing your internal search results.  Since we are all looking for ways to convert more website browsers into buyers, we thought you’d enjoy this chart! The Marketing Sherpa report finds that some of the most basic elements of marketing are still the most important – product copy, brand trust and creating an… Read More

  2. Website Evaluations Provided by mRELEVANCE

    One crucial aspect of Internet marketing is having an effective Web site. Many companies spend a great deal of money building an aesthetically pleasing site, but if it is not properly optimized, then there is a good chance no one will be able to find it. For instances like these, an in-depth knowledge of SEO is vital. When it comes to a Web site, do you know how Google determines if your site is relevant? Well, it’s okay if you… Read More

  3. Make Your Webpage More Effective

    Attracting traffic to your site is only half of the battle. In addition, you need to keep customers on your site, but, most importantly, turn them into leads and/or sales. So, how exactly do you do this? Well, first off your web page has to be easy to navigate. Once a customer finds your site through a search engine or banner ad, they need to easily be able to find exactly what they were looking for. Something that could really… Read More