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  1. mRELEVANCE Proves ROI with HBAGK Social Media Marketing Campaign

    Looking for a social media campaign that proves ROI? No problem! At least that’s what mRELEVANCE, LLC told the Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville (HBAGK). The HBAGK chose mRELEVANCE to promote the 2015 Knoxville Parade of Homes through a social media campaign. The result? Lots of user generated content, traffic to the Parade webpage and great return on investment. “It was a great pleasure working with mRELEVANCE,” said Ashely Burnette, Executive VP of the HBA of Greater Knoxville. “Overall,… Read More

  2. mRELEVANCE Shares the Importance of Social Media in Marketing Campaigns

    It is no surprise to the team at mRELEVANCE, LLC that 83-percent of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business (Social Media Examiner), and 80-percent of US social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook (State of Inbound Marketing, 2012). Social media is an integral part of the successful marketing campaigns mRELEVANCE creates for clients and the agency itself. ”Social media is an important component of effective marketing campaigns. Companies need to have well-maintained social… Read More

  3. Something is Missing from Your Social Media Program

    Chances are that you might not even be aware that something BIG is missing from your social media program. It isn’t lost, it was probably never there. Do you know what it is? At present you are duplicating efforts, spending extra time and wondering where the ROI is for your social media program. Your car can’t get from 0 to 60 without an engine and your social media program is much the same way. To create a social media program… Read More

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  5. Is Social Media Worth the Cost?

    Q: How is social media marketing is perceived within your organization at budget time? A: Exciting news, companies are starting to understand and incorporate social media marketing! Almost half of the respondents said that they see social media as an effective marketing tactic and intend to increase their budgets conservatively. In addition, 7% of respondents said that they plan to liberally increase their social media budgets in 2010. It seems that the companies who are investing time and money into… Read More