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  1. mRELEVANCE Proves ROI with HBAGK Social Media Marketing Campaign

    Looking for a social media campaign that proves ROI? No problem! At least that’s what mRELEVANCE, LLC told the Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville (HBAGK). The HBAGK chose mRELEVANCE to promote the 2015 Knoxville Parade of Homes through a social media campaign. The result? Lots of user generated content, traffic to the Parade webpage and great return on investment. “It was a great pleasure working with mRELEVANCE,” said Ashely Burnette, Executive VP of the HBA of Greater Knoxville. “Overall,… Read More

  2. mRELEVANCE Exhibits at 2016 International Builder Show

    mRELEVANCE is excited to announce our inaugural debut as an exhibitor at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 2016 International Builders Show (IBS), January 19 – 21, 2016. IBS is the largest annual light construction show in the world, attracting 50,000 visitors from more than 100 countries each year. We will display our professional services via a creatively-themed “Lucky 7” booth located in the nextBUILD area at booth #C2665. We invite you to help celebrate our seventh anniversary by… Read More

  3. Is Your Website Optimization Paying Off?

    When you run a business, making sure your time and money are producing a solid return on investment is important. This should especially hold true for website optimization tactics, since websites typically account for 25 percent of marketing spending. However, according to a recent MarketingSherpa study, more than half of marketers (53 percent) could not or did not calculate the ROI of their website strategies. On the flip side, of those who did calculate their ROI, 38 percent say that… Read More

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  6. How Can Homebuilders Stand Out in a Web 2.0 World?

    Social networking. It’s everywhere. MySpace. ActiveRain. LinkedIn. Then there’s e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, blogs and pay-per-clicks. Maybe, like millions of others, you’ve already put yourself and your business out there. Or maybe, like millions more, you’ve heard of Social Media and Web 2.0, but you don’t have any idea how to get started. It’s time to learn. And if you’re already there, it’s time to take a second look to see what you can do to differentiate your business… Read More

  7. Do You Know Copyright Compliance Guidelines?

    When it comes to online blogging and social media, many bloggers reference published online articles for industry news blog posts. However, there is a fine line between copyright infringement and properly referencing published articles for bloggers. Before I go into detail about what you legally can and cannot do, allow me to elaborate a little on what copyright is. By definition, copyright is the legal protection for original creative works. These pieces of work include anything from newspaper articles to… Read More

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  9. Social Media Marketing Return on Investment

    What are your goals for social media marketing and what key performance metrics do you use to determine if your efforts are effective? This is a common question we get all the time. The trouble with this question is that it is easy to answer, but more difficult to understand the answer. Often he answer is somewhat abstract. Similar to Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing and social media optimization not only requires an understanding of how search engines work,… Read More

  10. Social Media not all Snake Oil

    Finally, a large and trusted media publication (Business Week) agrees with mRELEVANCE on what we have been talking about for more than the past year! In the article titled “Beware Social Media Snake Oil,”  Stephen Baker talks about ‘so-called social media experts’ and how they sell social media based on friends, fans and followers.  Of course, proving Return on Investment (ROI) is a whole different story. We call the ‘lure’ of Social Media (the buzz words, the industry trends, the… Read More

  11. Where’s the ROI for Social Media Marketing?

    This article first appeared in the NAHB’s Sales & Marketing Ideas Magazine in November 2009. What’s your measure of success? In home building, measurements are a fundamental. Without them, rooms wouldn’t be square and homes wouldn’t be plumb. From the cost per square foot to the R value of insulation and the pitch of the roof, everything is measured. Measuring the success of your social media program can be just as straightforward. There are four measurements to consider as you… Read More

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  13. Lack of Knowledge a Barrier to Social Media

    Marketing Sherpa’s latest study shows that lack of knowledge is the biggest barrier to launching a social media marketing program.  Lack of experience can create missteps along the way that might scare marketers away from social media. The second barrier is inability to measure ROI. Both of these objections are easy to overcome with the right social media agency!  Contact mRELEVANCE today to build a social media strategy that works for your company. And, let us show you effective ways… Read More