Tag: RSS Feeds

  1. RSS: It Really Is That Simple

    RSS what? You’ve probably seen these three little letters on plenty of websites, but do you know what a powerful impact they truly have? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, and it is a web feed that is used to publish frequently updated works, such as your company’s blog. In fact, RSS makes it so easy to publish and share content, that our managing partner Carol Morgan likes to stay that it stands for Really Simple… Read More

  2. RSS: Read Sites Simply

    How many different websites and blogs do you read on a daily basis? Wish you had some way to read them all easily from just one place? RSS is here to save the day. RSS, also known as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, is an aggregator tool that can allow you to get all of the latest updates from your favorite websites in your inbox or RSS reader. In other words, you will be able to Read Sites… Read More

  3. Social Media Marketing – What is it?

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the creation and distribution of content and other messages throughout the Internet via social media (blogs, wikis, forums, photo galleries, video, micro blogs), social networking (Linked In, Facebook, My Space) and social bookmarking (DIGG, Delicious, etc.). SMM refers to pretty much everything you do to interact with others online, with the exception of your web site.  RSS Feeds will speed up the spread of your messages. Find out how Social Media Marketing can benefit… Read More