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  1. Where’s the ROI for Social Media Marketing?

    This article first appeared in the NAHB’s Sales & Marketing Ideas Magazine in November 2009. What’s your measure of success? In home building, measurements are a fundamental. Without them, rooms wouldn’t be square and homes wouldn’t be plumb. From the cost per square foot to the R value of insulation and the pitch of the roof, everything is measured. Measuring the success of your social media program can be just as straightforward. There are four measurements to consider as you… Read More

  2. Weaving a Better Web

    What can I do to drive traffic to my communities? The evolution of the Internet and the current real estate market have drastically changed the way home building companies drive traffic to their communities.  Print advertising and a few well placed directional signs, a builder’s marketing staples in the past, are no longer as effective as they once were. If you’re looking for cost effective answers, you ought to try the Internet. That’s what homebuyers are doing. More than 80%… Read More