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  1. 2018 Search Trends – What to Look For (pun intended)

    Last week we took a look at some of the fun graphic design trends to look forward to in 2018.  Now we’re going to examine some of the emerging and surging search trends. The SEO landscape has seen a lot of development in the past few years.  Your company needs to keep up with developing search technologies in order to stay in front of competitors and first in your customer’s view. Voice Search -Yes, using one’s voice as a tool to… Read More

  2. Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

    When conducting a search online, it can start to feel like a big game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” to find the results you’re looking for. And, with many search engines keeping track of your data to filter what they deem as “relevant” search results, it may seem nearly impossible. However, one of the newest search engines on the market, DuckDuckGo is attempting to bring online search back to a simpler time. The main premise and driving differentiator behind DuckDuckGo is… Read More

  3. He Said. She Said. Explain More About Inbound Links

    mRELEVANCE managing partners offer their respective expertise in this ongoing, “He Said. She Said” column. Each post in this series focuses on answering a question about online marketing from two different perspectives.. Carol Flammer answers from the reader’s perspective, where it’s all about content. Mitch Levinson answers from the perspective of a search engine. Q: Can you explain more about inbound links? A: Mitch – Inbound links are links on other people’s websites that link back to you. They drive… Read More

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  5. He Said. She Said. How Do I Improve Internet Traffic?

    He Said. She Said. is a regular column written by the founders of mRELEVANCE. Each question posed will be answered from two unique perspectives. Mitch Levinson will answer from the perspective of the search engines and Carol Flammer from the perspective of site visitors. Q:  How do I increase/improve the quality of traffic to my website and social media program? A: Carol Flammer  –  If you want to attract visitors and keep them coming back, create engaging content. Here are… Read More

  6. What Does Your Website Come With?

    Before you buy a new laptop or DVD player you typically research quality and brand. Best of all you determine the price you are willing to pay for the features you want.  You choose which product you want, how long it might last or even what ‘special features’ it has and base your buying decision on how ‘valuable’ each feature might be relative to cost. Well unfortunately, the same is not always true for your website or blog. It is… Read More

  7. The Buying Process has Changed

    Hot off the press. The buying process for large purchases (like homes and other items priced over $25,000) is changing due to the economy.  Marketing Sherpa reports, “Marketers who understand buyer behavior will be able to align their selling process with the buying process more effectively.” Virtual events, search engines and Web sites are taking the lead followed closely by social media (blogs and social networking) as well as newsletters. If you are still struggling to find your way online… Read More

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  9. Search Engines and behavioral targeting

    We are starting to see the search engines make changes in the results they provide for search terms. It seems we are headed toward web 3.0 often referred to as the semantic web. What happened the last time you performed a search on Google? Did you see the phrase, “Personalized based on your web history” appear in the top right of the page? Google is returning results that are relevant to you based on your most recent searches. These results… Read More

  10. Think Twitter is for the Birds?

    Tweet Tweet.  It isn’t the blue jay or mocking bird outside your window. If you think Twitter is for the birds, you might want to think again. Twitter is a hugely powerful online tool when used correctly. A recent article by Website Magazine gives tips for how to use Twitter as a Google SEO tool. If you are concerned about reputation management, Twitter can help. After all, you should like what you see when you Google your name. . …. Read More

  11. Dog Tags, Deer Tags, Car Tags & Blog Tags

    Dog tags, deer tags, car tags, luggage tags and gift tags. . . tags, tags and more tags. . . What do they have in common with blog tags? Like most things in life, it is important that tags are relevant to the subject matter. Take man’s best friend, the dog. It doesn’t do much good to put a collar on Fido without a tag telling the pound who owns Fido in case he gets lost. With a proper dog… Read More