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  1. Internet Use, Range of Smartphone Users Increasing in America

    Ever since they debuted in the market, smartphones have been a huge hit among consumers, and its easy to see why. Smartphones have compacted essential features of a computer into  small, user-friendly pocket-sized devices. Smartphone users enjoy using social networking apps, Internet browsing, e-mail and other handy features with devices that fit in the palm of their hand. A recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Pew Internet Project, found some interesting trends regarding which groups of Americans are adopting smartphones and how… Read More

  2. Smartphones: Current Trend and Way of the Future

    People have “hung up” on the days when phones were used strictly to place calls. With all of the great technology available, it’s no surprise that Americans are upgrading to the newest smartphones on the market. A recent survey compiled by Prosper Mobile Insights in May 2011 spotted some interesting trends among smartphone users. A new breed of phone, some of these devices seem more like tiny laptops than their clunky 90s predecessors. In fact, some people prefer using their… Read More

  3. More on Mobile Search

    How do you use your mobile phone? I find myself using the search function more and more even if only to answer my 12-year-old’s latest question! Recent research by Performics shows that I’m not alone in my smart phone habits; 84 percent of mobile phone users use mobile search throughout the day. Search is used to find retailers, look up things while watching TV and more. The study, which focused on people who use the mobile Web at least weekly,… Read More

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  5. Apps, Apps and More Apps

    When you’re out on the weekends exploring the city and want to find the hottest new restaurant for a quick Saturday bite, do you prefer to use your Smartphone’s mobile applications or Web browser to search? Well, if you’re under the age of 35, you’re more likely to use a mobile app according to a new study by market research and consulting firm Parks Associates. The data collected also found that Gen X and Gen Y are especially unhappy with… Read More

  6. Online Customer Service: It’s Not Just Your Phone That’s Smart

    This article by Carol M. Flammer, MIRM first appeared on the NSMC Sales and Marketing Channel. In today’s fast paced world of smart phones, portable laptops and technology that seems to move at the speed of light, how is the average sales agent or builder supposed to keep up? Mitch Levinson, MIRM, managing partner with mRELEVANCE says, “With the new advances in communication technology and smart phones, being ‘connected’ is now on a whole new level.  Information gathering is no… Read More