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  1. Introducing Generation C

    C is for connected. Connected is exactly what people between the ages of 18-34 are. Members of this generation were formally dubbed the Millennial’s or Gen Y; however now they are being called Generation C, according to Nielsen because they are connected to technology 24/7.  Often referred to as digital natives, this generation is constantly connected to the outside world and uses smartphones and tablets to text, tweet and surf. I even used to call them Generation ‘T’ for Text…. Read More

  2. Launch a Mobile Site

    Smartphone and tablet ownership is continuing to explode. Consumers are checking emails, using social media and purchasing—all online. This is why many marketers are working on adapting their messages for mobile devices. Is your company? Marketing RELEVANCE recently launched a full mobile site for Highland Homes in Central Florida. The builder’s website statistics overwhelmingly showed that its prospective customers were using mobile devices as a way to view the website. What is interesting is that 58 percent of these visitors… Read More