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  1. Breaking Down Habits of Mobile Users

    If you’re always on the go (and who isn’t these days?), then chances are you’re spending plenty of time on the Internet from your smartphone or tablet. Here’s a look at some of the latest statistics from Adobe Digital Index when it comes to smartphones and tablets: Internet users visit 70 percent more pages on their tablet than their smartphone. Tablet users are behaving more like PC users in the way they browse and engage.

  2. Smartphones, Tablets, Social Media – Oh My!

    Overwhelmed by the latest piece of technology that you’re supposed to keep up with everyone on? Or, has someone recently informed you that the Android/iPhone in your hand isn’t a cell phone? Let’s briefly reminisce, years ago it wasn’t habit, rather it was tradition – wake-up, start the coffee, trudge outside to grab the paper and upon returning to the kitchen, the coffee was ready.  News updates were available in the daily paper, and business would start once you arrived… Read More