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  1. FREE Online Couponing Webinar

    Consumers are coupon savvy. Everyone is looking for the best deal, and they want to share what they find with others. Don’t think so? Just look at the popularity of Groupon, Living Social and Facebook Deals; and all give users the opportunity to share what they find on social networking sites. The same is true with new home sales. With low interest rates and many builders offering affordable pricing, homeownership is becoming a viable option for countless new home buyers…. Read More

  2. What’s the Deal with New Facebook Deals?

    Facebook has joined the social couponing craze with its launch of a new Groupon-esque feature – Facebook Deals. Of course the BIG difference between Facebook and many other couponing sites is the sheer number of users. Facebook has a huge audience with 500 million users worldwide. Because of this, Facebook Deals will not only offer users hyper local deals but also give businesses more exposure than LivingSocial or Groupon would give them. Each Deals page links to the Facebook page… Read More

  3. What Should My Marketing Plan Include?

    There are so many choices today for where to spend marketing dollars, it is really not surprising that small businesses often ask us, “What should my marketing plan include?” Because we get this question a lot, we thought it would make a great blog post. Here are our top picks for what your marketing strategy should include in 2011.  Even if you can not afford all of these in your budget, your marketing strategy should contain several of them.  From… Read More

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  5. Groupon and Social Couponing

    It’s hip to clip. . . Why do you coupon? Tough times due to the recession, the adrenaline rush when the store actually owes you money for shopping there, or because it’s the smart thing to do? No matter what your reason, there are many ways to clip and save including the traditional Sunday newspaper ads and online resources like Groupon, Scout Mob or Qpon Quties. Although current research shows that more of you are reaching out to the online… Read More