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  1. Free Webinar The State of Social Media 2015

    Join mRELEVANCE managing partner Carol Morgan on Tuesday, May 19 at noon EST for a free webinar on “The State of Social Media 2015.” This webinar kicks off the Fresh Perspectives six part free webinar series presented by LassoCRM and the National Association of Home Builder’s Professional Women in Building Council. It’s been said that one year in the real world is like five on the Internet. So that means a lot has happened in digital media since 2014. For… Read More

  2. One Million Selfies and Counting

    Businesses often find it difficult to engage audiences on social media platforms. Many businesses operate under an assumption we refer to at mRELEVANCE as “The Field of Dreams” theory; if you build it, they will come. Unfortunately, while this concept works well in the movies, it doesn’t work very well for social media pages. The initial ‘taste’ of social media engagement usually leaves businesses wanting more. This ‘taste’ typically results in a few leads from short term engagement prompted by… Read More

  3. Social CRM: Creating a Sales and Retention Funnel

    Social media is typically thought of as marketing, but we want to challenge you to think about social media as a way to build a bigger sales funnel. Interacting with customers and clients in order to convert them from leads to prospects and then from prospects to buyers is the main goal of marketing and sales. The typical interactive marketing program centers around your main messages (USPs) and assets – your website and blog.  Social media sites including your blog,… Read More

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  5. FREE Social CRM Webinar

    For many home builders and Realtors, the end goal is clear – sell more homes. But in this constantly evolving market where social networks now play a growing role, how do you leverage the array of social media outlets to build your brand, engage customers and ultimately drive sales? Join thought leader and home building consultant, Carol Flammer for a webinar on Thursday, June 16 at 2 p.m. eastern for a one hour webinar. She will be joined by Steve… Read More