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  1. One Million Selfies and Counting

    Businesses often find it difficult to engage audiences on social media platforms. Many businesses operate under an assumption we refer to at mRELEVANCE as “The Field of Dreams” theory; if you build it, they will come. Unfortunately, while this concept works well in the movies, it doesn’t work very well for social media pages. The initial ‘taste’ of social media engagement usually leaves businesses wanting more. This ‘taste’ typically results in a few leads from short term engagement prompted by… Read More

  2. Facebook Engagement: Striking Up a Conversation

    Facebook is certainly the most widely used and known social media network of the digital age, and a majority of businesses are using it to connect with fans, drive website traffic and increase sales. However, there is no point in having a conversation to begin with if no one is listening or better yet, responding. Here are a few suggestions for increasing Facebook engagement: Share links to your latest blog posts with a short description/statement. Side note: once the link… Read More

  3. Holiday Promotions Using Social Media Boost Engagement

    These days everyone is on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. From your grandparents to your favorite business, you’ll find them all using these sites to connect with friends, family and fans. For some brands, it’s easy to get a conversation started on their social media sites. For example, Coca-Cola has more than 35 million Facebook likes and iTunes Music has 1 million plus followers on Twitter. Obviously, these brands have no problem connecting with their fans. However, what about the small… Read More