Tag: Social Media ROI

  1. New Analytics Show You Your Most Retweetable Content

    If you tweet, listen up! Twitter has added analytics for users. Proving return on investment with time spent on social media sites is a hot topic, and lots of sites have added analytics to show users how they are performing. With a variety of social media platforms pulling you in different directions and demanding your attention, it can be hard to know where you should spend the bulk of your time and if the time you spend is paying off…. Read More

  2. 7 Tips for Social Networking

    So what is the best way to network?  We are all pretty well versed at networking events. We have been attending those from the time we were born. From family gatherings to friend’s birthday parties and office parties, we are pros at mingling in person.  Attend, mingle, pass out business cards, follow up the next day and that pretty much covers how to network, right? What happens when you take it online? Now your networking attempts are visible to a… Read More

  3. How To Tell if Your Social Media Consultant “Gets It”

    Here are 8 critical areas you should use to evaluate the competency of your social media marketing consultant, agency or team before hiring.  Avoid making a costly mistake by understanding the necessary skills to build an effective social media program. 1.    They have a blog – We know this seems basic, but if they are going to build an effective blog for your company, they need to have built and run one successfully themselves. Most seasoned social media marketers who… Read More

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  5. Northeast Florida Golf Community Embraces Social Media

    The Neighborhoods of World Golf Village recently launched a social media marketing program to reach homeowners and homebuyers online in the places where they spend time.  Guided by mRELEVANCE’s social media expert Carol Flammer, the northeast Florida golf community has upgraded its blog and created pages on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. To interact with the real estate community and serious shoppers they also embraced real estate sites Trulia and ActiveRain. World Golf Village has… Read More