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  1. The Wide-Spread Adoption of Social Media Among U.S. Adults

    It’s official, there are now more U.S. adults using social media than those who own a smartphone (56 percent), have high-speed Internet access (70 percent) or own their own home (62 percent). According to new data from the PEW Research Center, 72 percent of adults now use  social media as of May 2013. While avid adopters of social media, especially new social networking sites, continues to be those aged 18-29, more and more older adults are beginning to create their… Read More

  2. Social Media for Business: New Facebook Timeline for Pages

    In an ever changing social media for business world, nothing stays constant for very long. Facebook is notorious for making changes to their website design on a regular basis with or without their users support. Facebook announced this morning that all Pages will be switched over to the new Timeline layout on March 30. Timeline for Pages looks very similar to Timeline for user profiles with the layout including a cover photo at the top and a timeline of your… Read More

  3. How to Properly and Effectively Deal with Negative Feedback on Social Media Sites

    We all love social media sites when they’re working for us. It’s fun to see positive feedback on your Facebook wall or have a client tweet a cheerful remark about your company. However, most of us have seen the other side of it as well. You know: the knot you feel in the pit of your stomach when someone has something not-so-nice to say about your business. Your first instinct might be to delete the comment and hope that no… Read More

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  5. Brand by Pinning

    What’s your Pinterest? Whether it is cooking, traveling, exercising, designing or pretty much anything else, Pinterest has a “pin” for you. One of the newest social media sites, Pinterest is all about imagery. Users create boards to categorize their favorite images. Think of it as an online bulletin board for all of your ideas, inspirations and, of course, interests. According to a recent ragan.com article, imagery allows people to consume information in a much quicker way. For instance, if a… Read More

  6. Don’t Be Distracted by the BLING-BLING

    There’s more to social media than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Posterous. While these are certainly the “hot” social networking sites today, don’t get distracted by the shiny bling-bling – this isn’t advertising. Would you try to drive a car without an engine? Social media is really no different than driving a car. The shiny red paint job is social networking, the engine that propels the program is your blog and the wires that connect all of the electronics together is… Read More

  7. Unfriended? – Remaining Relevant in Social Media

    A good friend of mine recently asked me a key question related to social media and the use of it that I had to share. As he was asking the question, I began to think about the content we use, re-purpose and re-tweet (RT). He said although most of what he reads is interesting, he wonders, “Is there a ‘line’ that social media experts have for duplicate information? At some point, do people begin to ignore tweets and status updates… Read More